arc lamp

Floor lamps are the unsung heroes of lighting for homes. They are versatile in that they offer both widespread and direct task lighting, providing illumination without the hassle of intense installation.

Introducing the Arc Floor Lamp

Designed with a marble base and a sleek stainless steel arched arm. It is the perfect overhead fixture that shines the light directly where you want it without having to call the electrician.

While standard floor lamps stay pretty stationary where you put them, an arc floor lamp offers more versatility. Combining the best of both worlds as a reading lamp and an ambient floor lamp, arc lamps have a stem that extend up and out. When the stem is adjustable, you can move the shade directly over the space to light it more directly, making it ideal for task lighting such as reading on a chair or working at a table. Arc lamps can duplicate the effect of an overhead light, stretching way up and over a space so they can be used over a living room, conversation spaces or even over a dining table.

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